Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"We are engaging in torture"

A recent study revealed that physicians with the CIA's Office of Medical Services were more deeply involved in torture than was previously thought--that doctors and psychiatrists actually helped interrogators design "enhanced techniques" that passed the Bush administration's requirements but would keep prisoners alive and without the severe physical injuries that even that regime admitted were torture.

It is shocking to actually see torture approved by the rulers of the land and being openly discussed.  In these developments we can literally see the image to the beast forming before our very eyes.  Torture was Rome's method, not America's, but now it is America's way too.  We may be sure that this is just the beginning of what will be.  More and the more the United States of America, the beast with lamb-like horns, is speaking as a dragon, imitating the first beast of Revelation 13, the papacy, who slew the saints of the Most High through the Dark Ages:

"By perverted conceptions of the divine attributes, heathen nations were led to believe human sacrifices necessary to secure the favor of Deity; and horrible cruelties have been perpetrated under the various forms of idolatry."

"The Roman Catholic Church, uniting the forms of paganism and Christianity, and, like paganism, misrepresenting the character of God, has resorted to practices no less cruel and revolting. In the days of Rome's supremacy there were instruments of torture to compel assent to her doctrines. There was the stake for those who would not concede to her claims. There were massacres on a scale that will never be known until revealed in the judgment. Dignitaries of the church studied, under Satan their master, to invent means to cause the greatest possible torture and not end the life of the victim. In many cases the infernal process was repeated to the utmost limit of human endurance, until nature gave up the struggle, and the sufferer hailed death as a sweet release." GC 569.