Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Christian Reconstructionism Which Approves of Slavery and the Death Penalty for Homosexuals Operates Completely out in the Open

(Excerpts)  Christian Reconstructionism is a formidable theo-political movement that has shaped the modern religious right, and which dovetails philosophically with a significant segment of the tea party movement.

Christian Reconstructionism isn't a secret conspiracy waiting to be unearthed by enterprising bloggers. It's an essential piece of the modern conservative movement, as long as the religious right continues to be an essential piece of the modern conservative movement that happily co-exists with libertarianism. Many reporters and observers believe that libertarianism to be secular, but it is not, at least for the religious right. It is rooted in the Christian Reconstructionist belief that the Bible, not government created and run by humans, should dictate the workings of our society and culture.

When we write about Christian Reconstructionism here at RD [Religion Dispatches], it's not to cause a panic over some sort of secret conspiracy underlying the religious right or the conservative movement. It really is...completely out in the open. Many people influenced by Reconstructionism don't like to admit it -- they don't want to be associated with Reconstructionist thinking that approves of slavery or the death penalty for homosexuals. But they are, nonetheless, deeply guided by the biblical law idea; after all, if America was, as they believe, founded as a Christian nation, how far is the leap to biblical law? But no, it's not a secret society trying to elude detection. At the same time, though, it's hardly inconsequential. It is such an essential piece of the religious right that you could not seriously be a student of American politics without recognizing its role and reach.   Religion Dispatches