Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Either the Greatest Awakening ever seen or the fall and Destruction of America"

Across the Nation, a Chorus of Voices Calling for America to turn back to God

Cindy deVille, founder of Shekinah Today Ministries, believes 2010 is a defining year for America: "Like a prodigal, America has been raging down a path of self-destruction, and now our nation hangs in the balance. What we do or don't do as His leaders and people will determine the course of this nation – either the Greatest Awakening ever seen or the fall and destruction of America, including a serious economic collapse, war in the streets and on our shores. I also see a greater persecution of Christians coming if things don't change. This is very sobering, and we must act now! God is counting on His leaders and people to seize this moment, to humbly unite across the nation, in repentance and prayer, and lead America back to God."

"We must undo the lie of 'separation of church and state'. This term is not in the Constitution, but 'the year of our Lord' is in the Constitution. Our founders were political Christians who endorsed and wanted God in government."  Source