Monday, August 2, 2010

"Rising Christian Imperialism Fueled by Dominion Theology"

 by Don Koenig
(Excerpts)  The rise of the Far Right in America after the present rise of the Far Left is more likely than not. In fact, we can already see that the pendulum is now starting to swing back toward the Right...

The Roman Catholic Church has always believed in a form of Dominion Theology and its history is that of imperialism.

The Roman Church may have changed its methods in light of present world realities but its goal is still to have total religious dominion over the earth. They intend to rule over the religious of the world and I am pretty sure they will succeed in the days that the Beast of Revelation rises to power.

However, the obvious Roman Harlot of Revelation and its Dominion Theology and imperialism is not the real point of this post.

I want to warn about a rising movement toward Christian Imperialism coming from elements mostly in Protestantism.

There is subtle soft dominionism coming from Rick Warren and associates with his one billion man army and there is the hard dominionism coming from various factions that came out of the Charismatic and Pentecostal movement. The name given to this movement rooted in the theology of C. Peter Wagner, is the  New Apostolic Reformation.

Hard dominionism intends to rule the world through force and it identifies with the Far Right. Some like Christian Identity and perhaps some Mormons actually expect to use physical force to bring in the Kingdom but those in the fast growing New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) claim they will take over the world through spiritual warfare.

I understand that the NAR cult is growing by 9 million people each year thanks much to undiscerning Christian TV networks that promote these heretics and the “transformations” home cell groups.

Coming full circle on the concept of Christian imperialism you might see a real tempest in a teapot if the Far Right comes in with Christian dominionists in this country.  Source