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Preparatory Catecheses for the World Meeting of Families in 2012

"The upcoming World Meeting of Families affords a privileged opportunity to rethink work and celebration in the perspective of a family that is united and open to life, thoroughly integrated in society and in the Church, attentive to the quality of relationship in addition to the economy of the family nucleus itself." (Pope Benedict XVI)

"Not only work but also rest from work constitutes a fundamental right and an essential good for individuals and their families. This is what the post-synod Exhortation Sacramentum Caritatis states. A man and a woman are worth more than their work. They are made for communion and encounter. So Sunday should not take the form of an interval from work to be filled with frenetic activities or unusual experiences, but rather a day of rest which opens up to the encounter, lets the other be rediscovered, and makes it possible to dedicate time to family relations and friends and to prayer."

"It is particularly urgent nowadays to remember that the day of the Lord is also a day of rest from work. It is greatly to be hoped that this fact will also be recognized by civil society, so that individuals can be permitted to refrain from work without being penalized."

"The seventh day of creation. Modern man created free time and lost the meaning of celebration. The meaning of the celebration, particularly Sunday, as a time for man, indeed, a time for the family, needs to be retrieved."

"The commandment to keep holy the sabbath. The THIRD commandment of the Decalogue recalls the liberation from Egypt, the gift of freedom, which creates Israel as a people. It is a perennial sign of the covenant between God and man in which every life shares, even animal life."

They are really laying the groundwork for the Sunday law now! And with the economic turmoil and troubles around the world today, the people of the world will soon be ripe to be deceived into accepting the mark of the beast. Please pray, study and LIVE the truth! Jesus is coming soon.