Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Reclaiming Everything for Christ"

The People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch wrote about the morphing of "Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ" into "Reclaiming America for Christ," which used to be a project of James Kennedy and Coral Ridge Ministries.

 According to the Reclaiming America for Christ website:

    Our Mission is to educate our pastors, legislators, educators, students and all citizens as to the truth about America's Christian Heritage and the role of fundamental, Biblical Christianity in the establishment and function of our legal, legislative and educational systems; and to work towards the successful reestablishment of these values in our society today.

Reclaiming Alaska to the Lord

From God's Own Party, we learn that Sarah Palin dedicated the State of Alaska "to the Lord."


Reclaiming Missouri for Christ


In Misouri there is "America Asleep kNOw More"

"Looking for some SEVEN day a week CHRISTIANS that have surrendered to Jesus and are willing to take our country back, putting Jesus back as the Foundation so that we are again a nation under God, and ready to stand in harm’s way for the children's souls. Pray that the Holy Spirit guides your steps and that you are ready to give God all honor and glory as we shine light on the evil domestic enemies that are causing the moral decay in this country. We are indeed calling the vigilant, the active, and the brave to sign up with a network of men and women that say enough is enough."  Source