Friday, September 17, 2010

Pope 'fears religion is being marginalised'


According to CandidConservatives: (see original source)
"From the discusting and vile originator of the counter-reformation; The marginaliser of thought, and executioner of the faithfilled, labeled and true Anti-Christ spoken of in Revelation, Daniel the prophet, Jeremiah and as of nearly 400 years ago, Martin Luther, who posted his ninety five thesis to the Catholic church door exposing Rome’s false doctrine of futurism/preterism, alive and well today, turning all eyes from rome and blaming it on everyone but rome, typical of tyrants and perverseness, lies, deceit, corruption as Catholicism uses no Scripture, quotes no verses, acknowledges no prophecy yet decrees the roman church, himself in particualar, capable of understanding prophecy althouogh it was written in the common language of the people, from the Lord, for all to understand; Rome has devised to hide truth."
"Rome’s bane upon the world is entailed in hiding every aspect of her murderous endeavors throughouot history, including today, tomorrow, and says otherwise."
"Molester of the ages. Go into all the world and pervert the people day and night with false doctrine and fondling children – the innocent."
Note: Yeah, No wonder!