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From Chapter 16: "30 Years in Hell" [Catholicism Boasts that she Never Changes, Therefore Expect a Future Stained with the Blood of Protestants]

Catholicism makes her boast that she never changes; then what are we to expect the future to bring forth, if her dogmas of damnation are allowed to fasten her intolerable hold upon this country: for if she "never changes," and we are compelled to judge her future by her past, which is the only rational conclusion that can be arrived at, then we can expect nothing more than to behold her future trail stained with the blood of Protestants, as such has been her history of the past.

It is our purpose in this chapter to give the reader an authentic epitome of a few of the doctrines and facts which we defy Roman Catholicism to successfully deny, as what we propose to give you is Roman Catholic law, and if such is Roman Catholic law, then we will have no trouble in establishing the fact that no loyal Catholics can possibly be loyal American citizens; therefore should not be placed in a position where they can carry out the mandates and dictates of the Church of Rome, for whenever they are placed in power and thoroughly believe in the laws of Catholicism they can not possibly be naught but traitors to our American form of government.

We propose to give the reader "Canon Law" to establish our statements, as we are as well acquainted with the laws that govern Roman Catholicism—yea, better than we are with the laws that govern this country, as we for fifty-six years have been directly influenced by this "Canon Law," and for the past thirty years, or since we became a Roman Catholic priest, have been a servant and an executioner of this law; therefore, I know whereof I speak, and no man dare deny my statements.

The first declaration of this "Canon Law" is: "All human power is from evil and must therefore be standing under the Pope."

You will thus see that the first declaration of the "Canon Law" is to place the human family as a whole, under the tyrannical control of Catholicism.

Another declaration of this law is: "The state has not the right to leave every man free to profess and embrace whatever religion he shall deem true."

In this declaration, you will further see that Roman Catholicism would, if it was within her power, take from the American citizen the right to worship a true and living God.
The next law that we will refer to is as follows: "The state has not the right to establish a church separate from the Pope."

Again you will see that Rome's idea is to force all of humanity to bow at the feet of her creed.
Again she declares in her "Canonistic Laws:" "That the state has not the right to assist the inmates of monasteries and convents to abandon them."

Again you will see that Catholicism desires to usurp the rights of the courts and establish prisons of their own without a semblance of law.

Once more this "Canonistic Law" thunders forth her monarchial law as follows: "The Roman Catholic church has the right to require the state not to leave every man free to profess his own religion."

Again the reader will see that Roman Catholicism with her iron hand demands this nation to force and compel every man, woman and child that lives under that old red, white and blue flag, which was bought by the blood of our forefathers, to humbly bow to this heathenish creed.
The next, and one of the most damnable laws found among the "Canonistic Laws" of Catholicism, is as follows; "Roman Catholicism has the right to exercise her power without permission or consent of the state."

Within this Romish law any one can easily discern her monarchial designs, as she boldly and flagrantly declares that she has the right to do as she sees fit, without even being molested or questioned by the laws of this country.

Further on in the "Canon Laws" of Catholicism we find the following: "Roman Catholicism has the right to prevent the foundation of any national church not subject to the direct authority of the Roman pontiff."

Thus the reader will see that the Protestant churches of America exist only by and through the numerical power of Protestantism, but should Romanism ever become powerful enough in this country she would, within the twinkling of an eye, destroy or confiscate every Protestant church now in existence.
Further along in this Romish "Canon Law" we find that she strikes at the dearest institutions of our land, as follows: "The Roman Catholic church has the right to deprive the civil authorities of the entire government of the public schools."

The reader will see by this declaration that should Catholicism ever come in control of the affairs of this government that our public schools, which are the bulwarks of our American government, would have their very foundations rooted up and scattered to the four winds of the earth.
The most devilish and damnable law, in my estimation, that is to be found upon the statute books of Catholicism is the following: "Roman Catholicism has the right to require that the Roman Catholic religion shall be the only religion of the nation, to the exclusion of all others."
We have the entire principles of Catholicism embodied in this last "Canonistic Law," as Roman Catholicism's aim and intention is to put this declaration into effect as soon as she can become powerful enough to execute her plans.

In my estimation, the next "Canon Law" that I will quote, is the one most detrimental to our American form of government, as it is a law, when put into execution, that will throttle every ambition and strangle every hope that now permeates the bosom of Protestantism, and it is one that should freeze the very flesh and blood of Protestantism to the bone's marrow. It is as follows: "Roman Catholicism has the power to require the nation not to permit free expression of opinions."

In this last law, which is found upon the statute books of Roman Catholicism, we have a declaration from her rulers that would deprive you and your posterity from expressing an opinion in regard to Roman Catholicism; that is, if that opinion did not coincide with her abominations, and an institution which would place such a law upon her statute books is an institution which would burn and flay alive those who would disregard this law; thus the reader may have some idea of what he or she may expect should their posterity ever live to see America pass into the ungodly clutches of this unholy demon.

The history of Roman Catholicism in the past plainly demonstrates what she has done and how well and awful she has carried out her laws herein quoted, and Catholicism makes her brags that she "never changes," consequently the only reason why these laws are not put into execution in the United States is the lack of physical power, and whenever Roman Catholicism reaches the point in the history of this country where she possesses this physical power, Protestantism will feel her tyrannical heel upon their necks.
That the reader may thoroughly understand and realize that Roman Catholicism of to-day is the same as Roman Catholicism was hundreds of years ago, we desire to quote a letter written by Pope Leo XIII during his reign, which will thoroughly demonstrate to the reader that Roman Catholicism of the present retains all of her harshness and cussedness that she possessed when our forefathers were burned at the stake and our mothers were punished for worshiping a true and living God, Pope Leo's letter follows:

"The teachings given by the Apostolic See, whether contained in the syllabus and other acts of our illustrious predecessors, or in our encyclical letters, has given clear guidance to the faith as to what should be their thoughts and their conduct in the midst of the difficulties of time and events. There they will find a rule for the direction of their minds and their work."

Ed- What I think should scare Protestants most is that almost all of the heads of our government are Roman Catholic! Many who deny it, may, as did G.W.Bush upon leaving his post, "convert" to Catholicism! GW and Toney Blair!   Soucre:  Alpha & Omega-Biblical Christianity for The Millennial Generation

NOTE:  Rome will Regain her lost Supremacy

"As we approach the last crisis it is of vital moment that harmony and unity exist among the Lord's instrumentalities. The world is filled with storm and war and variance. Yet under one head--the papal power--the people will unite to oppose God in the person of His witnesses. This union is cemented by the great apostate.-7T 182 (1902).

"Laws enforcing the observance of Sunday as the Sabbath will bring about a national apostasy from the principles of republicanism upon which the government has been founded. The religion of the papacy will be accepted by the rulers, and the law of God will be made void.  -7MR 192 (1906).

"A day of great intellectual darkness has been shown to be favourable to the success of popery. It will yet be demonstrated that a day of great intellectual light is equally favourable for its success." -4SP 390 (1884).