Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dominionism: A World "that cannot help but involve Christians in a BLOODY and RUTHLESS effort to establish God's Kingdom on Earth"

(Excerpts)  Today a vast and extraordinarily complex religious system of so-called evangelical churches and ministries has emerged in the United States - a keiretsu-like network of conservative churches and ministries with interlocking boards of directors, similar sources of funding and 'cross-over' memberships that aims at subsuming the church and transforming it into a political instrument to "take back the country for Christ and the church."

The actual number of organizations which are a part of this system is mind-boggling; so intertwined have these organizations become that it is difficult any longer to separate them from one another..., though often the theologies (and eschatologies) of each independent organization are in fact (at least on paper) mutually exclusive - which indicates the lack of importance all these groups attach to "sound doctrine."

It's a world that is permeated with HATE (hate for Muslims, hate for gays and lesbians, hate for radical feminists, hate for "secular-humanists," ad nauseum, ad infinitum), and it's a world that posits DOMINIONIST belief systems that cannot help but involve Christians in a BLOODY and RUTHLESS effort to establish God's Kingdom on Earth. It's an extraordinary "mish-mash" of "good" and "bad;" of heresy and orthodoxy.

"A little leaven leavens the whole lump." (Gal. 5:9)

And make no mistake about how deeply involved some of these ministries are in heresy of the worst kind and the Dominionism...

THE RAGE HERE STEMS FROM DOMINIONISM (the effort to save America from the "clutches of the homosexual community") – plain and simple! And once one imbibes this kind of thinking – even if only on a willy-nilly basis – it is but a short jump from there to joining FOX NEWS and the neo-cons of America's New World Order System in "smiting down" the homosexual community and "raising the standard of decency."

"...people who believe that it is the duty of Christians in this country to 'take back the nation for Christ and the church' and 'minister the wrath of God' against the licentious life-style of those responsible for America's moral rot, meaning most particularly those in the gay and lesbian community; and it is doubtful how [one] could ever extricate himself from the willy-nilly alliance he has made with them once the killing begins – AND IT WILL.

One has only to consider the words of Christian psychologist Dr. Paul Cameron who has said:

"Unless we get medically lucky [i.e., unless AIDS does the job for us], in three or four years, one of the options discussed [in dealing with the scourge of homosexuality and AIDS] WILL BE THE EXTERMINATION OF HOMOSEXUALS."

And unless one gets the idea that Cameron is "somewhere out on the fringe" of the American evangelical community, it should be noted that he is supported by just about every "mainline" Christian evangelical organization in the country, including the Claremont Institute, American Family Association, NARTH (National Association for Research and Treatment of Homosexuality), the "700 Club," Focus on the Family, and many, many other similar "Christian" groups.   Source

NOTE: Visiting even the most hardcore Christian Right websites, one sees the term "religious liberty" prominently displayed, but it is a deception.  As author Stephen Lendman comments in his review of  Christian Fascism, "They cloak their ideology in Christianity and patriotism as their way to gain political power they claim is sanctioned by the Almighty to give the movement moral legitimacy. But beneath the surface, their doctrine is dark and foreboding posing real dangers to a free society not to be taken lightly." "They're not kidding and neither is the risk they'll gain control of government with some observers in Washington believing they already have it."  "...gays in a Christian Right dominated American would be the first 'social deviants' singled out for condemnation, disempowerment and elimination as in Nazi Germany. Other targeted groups would follow." 

The planned extermination of homosexuals and other marked groups is but a precursor to the coming death decree against commandment-keepers.