Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Panel Debates Whether Sunday Should be Enshrined in the EU Constitution

Many of the deputies in the European Parliament want to enshrine Sunday into the European “constitution”.  Currently, it is up to member states to define Sunday as their weekly resting day.

Let's talk about EU is the brand new monthly current affairs program produced by EUobserver.com. Shot in the European Parliament in Brussels, the panel debates place controversial topics on the table.  Opponents of an EU regulation on the work-free Sunday argue in the video that Brussels should not force people into behaving a certain way.

A previous attempt to specifically refer to Sunday in the EU rules on working time was defeated in 1996 by the European Court of Justice, which found insufficient links to the health and safety of workers.  Studies have since proven there is a positive impact on the safety, health and social life of workers to have a day off together with other people, rather than just any random weekday.