Saturday, April 3, 2010

"A Coming One World Gov/Religion"

by JOHN V. STEVENS, SR. President
Founders First Freedom

(Please read this web site first about enforcing a no work Sunday in Europe and then the implications)          
Anyone truly perceptive of our fading freedoms, and particularly of individual religious and civil freedoms, which touches or even controls everyone of us, should look with some alarm at the developments that are taking place and being promoted in Europe.

Continental Europe is the home of the largest professing Christian body of believers in the world and is also pervasively secular by choice at the same time. To transform that drastic efforts are being made.  In 1957 The Treaty of Rome was signed, and the six participating nations formed the European Economic Union. Other nations joined and in 1992 the Treaty of Maastricht was approved, amending previous treaties, making it a political European Union, the EU. The key player all along has been the Roman Catholic Church which views Europe as a traditionally Catholic continent. It also was a key factor in the forming of the Council of Europe, in 1949 which presently has 47 member nations. It foresees a United Europe politically and religiously, seeing no way such a union can result without the merger of church and state, utilizing political power, along with its sanctions, to achieve that end.

This effort is crafted to eliminate work opportunities on Sunday, forcing people to make their livelihood Monday through Saturday.  Saturday Sabbath keepers and Friday keeping Muslims have one less day to make a livelihood.  It will diminish opportunities for individuals to make a livelihood, and particularly impact those believers that have private businesses and choose to take off their day of religious observance in honor of their God and at the same time will reduce their opportunities to compete with similar businesses.

Even secularists, who have little or no interest in Bible Prophecy, are keenly aware that we are rapidly moving toward a one world government with a one world religion, including no secular work on Sundays.

One need not be a student of prophecy to know see it coming. However, those that are students of Bible prophecy have even greater reason to be troubled, even alarmed, for the goal is not merely Sunday rest but a mandatory religious Sunday observance is on the horizon.

That specific religious mandate will be broadly accomplished, with some notable exceptions and for the dissenters there will be worldwide economic sanctions because they refuse to mesh in with the falsely marketed version of the "common good" of the people.

When economic sanctions, "no buy no sell" rights, fail to accomplish the intended end there will be one more step planned.  Then the predetermined global genocide decree will be declared with a date when it will be executed against those who are determined to be non conformists and to steadfastly hold to their own conscientious convictions.  Prophecy points out all of these coming events.

When the world has hit rock bottom it will come because the vast majority will be rejecting, while professing loyalty to, the very God of heaven, denying the very foundation of their religion, the universal principles of love, life, liberty and law, requiring all to love God supremely and their fellowman as themselves. God will see that He can do no more for the world and will send His Son back for those who are true worshippers of the universal principles of God's kingdom, which are embodied in the love of God and one's neighbor, following the moral principles of the Ten Commandments fully, serving God in love and faith and willing to die rather than to choosing to reject God and His will.

To them to do the will of God is the same spirit Jesus expressed in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane before He was crucified.  Christ will return before the announced date of the planned global genocide to save His own and destroy the earth along with the death of those who seek to force their religion on others.

For those unfamiliar with the prophecies dealing with these events portrayed in this article it is suggested that they turn to the Book of Revelation and read chapters 13, 17 and 18. The tie of popular religion to the use of the governments of the world, instead of a tie with God, will bring this world to an end in the not too distant future. Prophecies make clear that the structured worship will include the worship of the world religious leader.

In the mind of the world’s leading Roman Catholic legal scholar,  noted Notre Dame Law Professor Charles E. Rice, the world has to have a supra legal arbiter in order to have unity and survival. 

“But . . . . there must be someone, outside the government and the people, to whom they can look for morally binding interpretations of the natural law. Since the natural law is the law of God and since Christ is God, it would be appropriate for that supra legal arbiter of the natural law to be the Vicar of Christ (i.e., the pope). . . . An umpire is needed in the moral sphere, and this has to be the Vicar of Christ.”1

Rice continues to make a case for the papacy as a law unto itself: “The objective, in short, must be free acceptance by the American people.”

The end result of such planning and living is forecast by God to bring just the opposite results, the end of civilization, the rejection of God's Spirit and the settling into a irretrievable way of life that ultimately leads to destruction from which no human will return on the one hand, or the conferring of immortality and eternal life on those in whom the image of God has been restored, a life which will never come to an end.

Each reader, for we all will ultimately face a final judgment by God based on our life and its deeds, has to make a serious conscious choice about where you want to be when the "great controversy" is ended. This controversy is between God and Satan, the forces of goodness, life and liberty against the forces of evil, death and control. Soon it will come to an end so we all need to diligently pursue our goal, with no compromise, whatever the consequences or cost to us personally in life on this earth. 

John V. Stevens, Sr.

 Reference for the quotation from Charles E. Rice.
1 Charles Rice, Beyond Abortion (Chicago, IL: Franciscan Herald Press), 1978, pp. 55, 56.