Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Euro zone

Brits to be banned from working Sundays

Brits will be banned from working on Sundays if Brussels gets its way.

Euro-MPs want to make Sunday a legal day of rest. Shops would shut and only the likes of hospital staff, cops and firemen would be allowed to work.  EU chiefs are drawing up new rules for working hours under a review of the controversial Working Time Directive.

Hundreds of Euro-MPs have signed an appeal to the European Commission to consider "work-free" Sundays. They say banning work would boost family life and health. They claim staff working weekends are more likely to go sick. They also argue that because EU institutions close for business on Sunday, EU citizens should not have to work either.  Backers say it is also important for those with religious beliefs.

But Stephen Booth of the Open Europe campaign group said: "There is absolutely no need for the EU to be deciding what days people can work.

"This ludicrous proposal shows the extent to which MEPs are determined to interfere in the working practices of UK citizens.  "This is totally unacceptable."    Source