Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Author on CNN Advocates Sunday Laws

NOTE: John V. Stevens, Sr., President of Founders First Freedom, observes: "A democratic society is where the majority rules. But with our constitution we are a republic, theoretically. There are non negotiable freedoms the majority is not empowered to take away. Religious belief and practice is such an area."

Judith Shulevitz, author of "The Sabbath World," explains on CNN NewsRoom to anchor Don Lemon: "It is really a good idea, for people, for families, for communities to set aside a structured time in which to connect with each other and that is at the heart of what the Sabbath does."

"A collective time illness": "A collective time sickness actually. We're driven by time rather than driving it oursevles. And it's making us sick... And one of the things that's happening to us is that we're all getting on these very different schedules, and we're having a very hard time figuring out how to come together, and what the Sabbath does is that it creates the situation in which there's just a structured period in which we can come to together.

"But one of the things I argue in the book is that, one of the ideas, the political ideas, that is sort of embedded in the Sabbath, is the idea that as a society we have a right to take control of our time, and say that maybe as a democratic society, we want to decide to bring back some rules about what can and can not be done one day a week and we might want to start thinking of ways to encourage people not to work on that day." CNN's Don Lemon replies, "Very good advice."