Sunday, July 25, 2010

The State of the U.S. Economy Indicates that the National Sunday law can not be far Off

Many economists leave no doubt that the U.S. economy is on the verge of bankruptcy and meltdown.  It was stated well over 100 years a go "that Roman Catholic principles" would "be taken under the care and protection of the state," that "the rulers of the land" would "rank themselves on the side of the man of sin," and that these actions would "speedily be followed by national ruin."  At the beginning of this decade, president Bush declared that the best way to honor the pope as one of the great men "is to take his teaching seriously; is to listen to his words and put his words and teachings into action here in America. This is a challenge we must accept."   For an insightful read on the substantial evidence of Catholic and theocratic influence and efforts to control in the United States under president Bush, see "The Threat of Theology?"

Thus, looking at the looming, catastrophic state of the U.S. economy, while noting that our leaders have clearly ranked themselves on the side of the man of sin, these unmistakable signs strongly indicate that the national Sunday can not be far off.

Truly, "we are on the very verge of the time of trouble, and perplexities that are scarcely dreamed of are before us."   9T 43 (1909).
Further, we are told that it will be declared that national calamities "will not cease until Sunday observance shall be strictly enforced," and that the absence of such a law is "preventing their restoration to divine favor and temporal prosperity."  GC 590.  It would seem from this quote, that the temporal prosperity of the U.S. will have been greatly reduced as the Sunday law is approaching and that the electorate will be convinced that the passage of that law could help bring about an economic recovery.

May we be wise and discern the signs of the world's speedy destruction.  The world at large is asleep, "lulled to a fatal security, to be awakened only by the outpouring of the wrath of God."  GC 561.  While the last message of mercy is preached, the word goes out, "Let none be disturbed by the exciting message of these alarmists."  PP 103.  "Not all, however, would be ensnared by the enemy's devices. As the end of all things earthly should approach, there would be faithful ones able to discern the signs of the times.PCP 60.