Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Christian Supremacists" in the Military on a Mission to Evangelize Enlisted Members to Project Their Ideology on Society and the World

The ongoing collapse of the wall between church and state in the United States, a dramatic fulfillment of Bible prophecy, is playing out in the military.  Top military commanders in the U.S. military are openly flouting the first amendment, openly expressing contempt for other religious traditions, believing they are fulfilling the Lord's plan to raise a godly army.

Using the military uniform to project their religion to the world, their strategic goal is to evangelize "enlisted military members  throughout their military careers and build Christian military leaders to influence the nation for Christ."  "They are government paid missionaries when they leave here."

This is clearly "contrary to our Constitutional laws and stands in naked violation of what is meant by the term separation of church and state."
Throughout the U.S. military a "determined, and fanatical clique wants to abuse its power and prosetlyze to service members below them in the chain of command. Through this captive market, they can inject their peculiar ideology into the most powerful institution on earth....this isn't just a civil rights issue, it's a national security threat of the gravest magnitude...the infection wasn't isolated; the virulence was military-wide. He likens it to nuclear contamination. 'If you had a geiger counter, there wouldn't be a place you couldn't find it,' he says."

"These types of Christians go by many names..: fundamentalists, dominionists, the Christian Right, Christian nationalists. I asked Elizabeth Sholes, [the public policy director of the California Council of Churches/IMPACT, which represents 1.5 million progressive Protestant members] if Christian supremacists is an accurate description. She says yes. But Shole's assessment goes even further, comparing Christian supremacists to Nazis. Asked if they represent Christian fascism, she doesn't hesitate: 'Yes.' Source