Thursday, June 10, 2010

U.S. President Calls for New World Order

 June 08, 2010 - Continuing the globalist mantra of previous U.S. presidents, President Obama called for a new world order “that can resolve the challenges of our times,” reported Fox News. Those challenges include defeating Al Qaeda, combat violent extremism, stop the spread of nuclear weapons, hold back climate change and sustain global growth.
President Obama was the commencement speaker for West Point Military Academy on May 22 when he laid out his plan for the new international order. “The United States would move ahead on a policy of ‘national renewal and global leadership,’” he said.
While distancing himself from the unilateralism of President George W. Bush, President Obama essentially used the same internationalist language to justify the war in Afghanistan that his predecessor used to justify the war in Iraq.

President Obama “said the United States would continue to pursue at least one Bush administration goal — the defeat of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan — and warned ‘there will be difficult days ahead…’ and described the war against Al Qaeda as a ‘different kind of war,’ noting that the terrorist group doesn’t lead a nation or a religion.”

“‘There will be no simple moment of surrender to mark the journey’s end — no armistice or banner headline,’ he said. ‘Though we have had more success in eliminating Al Qaeda leaders in recent months than in recent years, they will continue to recruit, plot, and exploit our open society,’” he said.

These are all the very same kinds of terms that President Bush used after September 11, 2001 when terrorists hijacked four planes and flew three of them into significant buildings in New York and Washington DC.

The key difference is that president Obama plans to try to work through the United Nations toward a multilateral cooperation to accomplish those goals instead of doing it unilaterally. “International support would be a key to winning the battle,” he said.

“We will adapt, we will persist, and I have no doubt that together with our Afghan and international partners, we will succeed in Afghanistan,” he said.

The idea that multi-national cooperation is the best way to achieve a new world order of global governance is not new. The Bible tells us that this was exactly what Nebuchadnezzar had in mind with his global, or empire-wide plan of governance. Though Nebuchadnezzar was a dictator, his ultimate goal was to implement a global religion (See Daniel 1-3). Modern globalism has the same objective. After all, historically, most wars have been fought over competing religious ideas. If there can be a global religion, then most wars would cease, so the largely unspoken theory goes.

Whether President Obama will succeed in getting global cooperation is an open question. If there is not enough global consensus at the UN, he or his successors may have to go back to being more unilateral like Nebuchadnezzar. Either way, global governance is the goal led by the United States incidentally. Revelation 13:11 tells us that the beast with horns like a lamb that speaks as the dragon (which represents the United States), will work with the Roman Catholic Church to implement the New World Order.

Global governance is essential if there is ever going to be a universal religion with universal Sunday laws with the capability of enforcing them. Speaking prophetically of this global religion and its global leader Revelation 13:8 says “All that dwell upon the earth shall worship him.” The bible goes on to say in verse 15-16 that there will be civil penalties, including a death penalty, enforced against those that do not comply with the global religion.   Keep the Faith