Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Societal Consensus in Favor of a National Sunday law is Clearly Building

NOTE:  A consensus is rapidly building in favor of a national Sunday law.  This post is another case in point.
On the internet a multiple part article is currently in publication, in which the author calls for the United States to return to its religious foundation.  Wanting to observe email etiquette, I am not divulging the author's name or the title of his article.  I wrote to the author to inquire what his view would be of the enforcement of Sunday as a national day of rest and received a prompt reply, our exchange below:

My inquiry: 

Some, such as Judy Shulevitz, in her new book, The Sabbath World, argue that enforcing Sunday as a national day of rest would greatly increase the morals and cohesiveness of society.  May I ask you what your views would be of such a law?
The author's reply:
In times past, when our nation was beginning to establish herself, Sunday was a national day of rest.  Most went to church and those services were 4-6 [hours] long.  When the nation as a whole participated we remained focused on our Biblical roots and morals.  Yes I do believe that we would benefit greatly from observing Sunday as a national day of rest.