Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Ad Campaign Wants You to Really Focus on Masonic Symbolism

Strange how musics videos that are used in a “groundbreaking” way, are blatantly Masonic (see the article entitled LCD Soundsystem’s Pow Pow: The First MTV-Funded Video is Masonic). This next video is heralded as an “industry first” as it allows viewers to click objects in order to win wonderful Cheers Detergent-related stuff.

To sum up the video, it is basically a bunch of young people having fun and apparently having no idea that they’re dancing on a Masonic ceremonial floor, complete with Masonic pillars and pyramids.

Compare the video’s set to this classic depiction of Masonic symbols.


Tiago said...

Masonic symbols are every where, it shows us the enormous power they achieved in the past.
I found that South America cities have a lot of masonic influence. Living years ago in buenos aires apartments I learned that their national hero was masonic and many presidents were masonic too.