Friday, December 10, 2010

Colombia and El Salvator Wonder After..

On October 18, 2010 Benedict XVI met separately with the ambassadors of Colombia and El Salvador. In both cases he emphasized how much the church benefits each country.

He praised the “deep Catholic roots” of Colombia, which are an “inspiration…”

Casting the church as a beneficial influence in Colombia he said, the church “has left indelible imprints in… culture, art, health, social coexistence and the building of peace. It is a spiritual patrimony that has germinated in the course of the years and in all corners of Colombia in innumerable and fruitful human, spiritual and material realizations.” The Pope urged Colombia to safeguard these things as a “valuable heritage and to develop them as a beneficial proposal for the whole nation.”

The pope similarly characterized the services the Church offers to El Salvadore by emphasizing the social programs of the church. He said the Church tries to serve the “common good in all its dimensions,” including housing needs, employment, and other social agendas.

Benedict castigated other churches by saying that they undermine Salvadorian culture. “It would be strange if Christ’s disciples were neutral in the presence of aggressive sects” that appear to offer an “easy and comfortable religious answer” but which in reality undermine Salvadorian culture [meaning Catholic culture], as well as clouding the “beauty of the evangelical message and splitting the unity of the faithful around their pastors [Catholic priests].”