Monday, November 1, 2010

Benedict XVI: “We Are One Family”

“We are all part of one human family, with equal rights to share in the fruits of the earth, and with equal responsibility to be open and hospitable to migrants and refugees,” said Pope Benedict XVI on October 26 in his message for the 97th World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

The theme for the day was “One human family,” and he referred to all peoples as “one family of brothers and sisters…where also people of various religions are urged to take part in dialogue, so that a serene and fruitful coexistence with respect for legitimate differences may be found.”

One wonders what Benedict considers as “legitimate differences?” A similar reference was made by Benedict XVI to French Catholics at Castel Gandolfo, August 22, where exhorted them to be more accepting of the Roma gypsies who are predominantly Catholic. French President Nicolas Sarkozy paid the Pope a high-profile visit to support his declining political fortunes after his country expelled the gypsies. He was lectured by Benedict XVI on the church’s social teaching on migration.

The Catholic church does not conceal the fact that migrant adherents to its faith influence the peoples in their host countries, including their moral values and social teaching, which subsequently affects the policies of the nations leading to a New World Order. Therefore Benedict XVI urges that nations must be receptive to migrants.
“The breaking-down of borders is not simply a material fact: it is also a cultural event both in its causes and its effects…” Benedict said in Caritas en Veritate.

“All have the same right to enjoy the goods of the earth whose destination is universal…” continued Benedict XVI at the World Day event. “It is necessary to correct the malfunctions…that cause new divisions between peoples and within peoples, and also to ensure…the redistribution of wealth…”

St Thomas Aquinas, a principal theologian and philosopher of the Catholic church, said “man should not consider his material possessions as his own, but as common to all…to share them without hesitation,” as quoted in Rerum Novarum, encyclical letter of Pope Leo XIII. It is no secret that the Vatican intends to redistribute the wealth of nations, especially of prospering Protestant nations to faltering Roman Catholic ones, so that she alone may “have power over the treasuries…and all the precious things.” Daniel 11:43.

Benedict XVI affirmed “the right to emigrate” proclaimed by Pope John Paul II in 2001, on a similar occasion a decade ago. “The Church recognizes this right in every human person, in its dual aspect of the possibility to leave one’s country and the possibility to enter another country to look for better conditions of life,” said the Polish Pope.
The Holy See’s strategy is on course to ensure that the Vatican will “sit a queen” among the nations of the world. (See Rev 17:2, 18:7).

The Vatican “is silently growing into power. Her doctrines are exerting their influence in legislative halls, in the churches, and in the hearts of men… Stealthily and unsuspectedly she is strengthening her forces… [And] all that she desires is vantage-ground and this is already being given her.” Great Controversy, p. 581.



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