Monday, May 17, 2010

"It is simply astounding..."

"It is simply astounding to hear secular people candidly discussing the Sabbath (although they are referring to Sunday). I feel that this is surely a sign that we are nearing the closing events of history." Source

Nicholas of Remnant of God points out:

The Colbert report is mostly a comedic News source, however they do interview real people, especially politicians on the show. It's their way of putting a "positive" spin on politics. The author being interviewed in this segment admits in the interview that she is not only Jewish, but believes "we should probably go back to protecting Sunday" as the Sabbath. Do you realize what this means? This means there is a movement within the Jewish community that is visible enough wherein a Jewish author can come forth declaring it is acceptable to switch their biblical Saturday Sabbath that the Jews have kept for thousands of years to the Roman Catholic Pagan day of Sunday! This is one obstacle many of us that watch Antichrist's movements around the world knew would be a major hurdle for Rome to clear. The Jews now have their very first spokesperson declaring the Jewish people should keep Sunday holy! This is HUGE! If they can get the Jewish nation to go along with this, and prophetically speaking, THEY WILL, the Muslims and all the others religions will easily follow suit. Especially since we see all of them have Roman Catholic dogma running within their churches in the first place. Everything from rosaries in the hand of the Buddhist, to Muslims uplifting Mary. If you never thought the prophecy regarding Sunday laws was true, this has got to be one prophetic development you can no longer deny! Are you ready for what's prophecied to happen next? Are you sure!?


shAne said...

wow! it's sooner rather than later.. so much for all the diversions of the law being nailed to the cross and the Sabbath not being in the new covenant.. they're now back to the Sabbath but this time, surprise surprise, it's Sunday! may God empower us to deliver the 3 angels' message with power in these crucial times..